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Terms of Business



DKEC Terms and Conditions

This Agreement applies to this sale, service and all statements made by DKEC in brochures, pricelists, advertisements, quotations, on the internet, in writing or verbally. Variations to the Agreement must be made by DKEC in writing. Placing your order means acceptance of this agreement. DKEC may change the Agreement at its choosing.


All offers must be in writing, offers communicated in email communications can be changed at any time due to operational reasons. Offers are subject to change without notice. 

Orders are accepted by writing, internet, telephone or fax but are only binding when accepted by DKEC.

HES Scheme

DKEC shall not be responsible for loss of grant due to the sending of late applications to SEAI.

We need a minimum of a week to process a BER Cert for the HES Scheme.

It is your responsibility to ensure that you have adequate time to complete the application along with BER Cert and data.

It is also your responsibility to notify us about the expiry date of your application. This must be made in writing to us.

We will endeavor to process the cert for you at all times in a timely manner. We are not responsibility for breakdowns in NAS IT system which are outside our control.

We shall not be responsible for the changing or delay in surveying of your property due to weather or other possibilities that are outside our control. 


Payment terms and conditions

Payment is required once the on site inspection has been completed and prior to the report being released to view.  If payment is not received collection will be passed to debt recovery agency for collection and all cost incurred will be passed on. 


Business times & Holidays

We operate the business from 9am to 8pm Monday to Saturday excluding Bank holidays. We break for Christmas the Saturday before. Any properties surveyed on the week before Christmas example between the 12th December to the 22th December cannot be processed until after the Christmas holidays. Any BERs processed during this period is at the company's discretion strictly. We accept no liability for BERs not processed in this period or liability for the loss of grants due to missed deadlines.


Thermal Surveys  

All thermal surveys conducted on site must be paid in full once the survey has been completed.

Thermal survey includes a scan of interior of property ONLY. We may take outside images but these are at our discretion and are subject to site conditions and weather.  

Due to the large volume of images collected depending on the size of the property, we may display 2 images on one page in order to have a concise report. This will be supplied bound to the client.

A PDF or Word file will be emailed also to the client.

The images also identified will not be labeled as there is enough information on the image data to identity the room.This is done to reduce time due to volume of images produced.

The following terms may be used in the report this is their meaning withing that context.

"Marginal temperature" difference means a temperature different less than 15% 

"Significant temperature" difference means a temperature difference of greater than 15%

"Statistically significant" means the a very high temperature difference of over and above 15%.

Such terminology is used to identify and help identify highlight temperature differentials only with the context of the document. 

The thermal report and images will be displayed to you and examined to you on site.  

In the event you have any complaint about our services or the thermal report or you feel there is an error or omission in the performance of those services, you agree to, within 5 days, notify DK Energy Consultants, in writing of your complaint so as to provide DK Energy Consultants. a reasonable opportunity to review the issue if we feel you have a legitimate complaint. This complaints process must be done withing 5 days.

Confidentiality of the Report - If this inspection is performed in connection with the construction, sale, purchase, exchange, transfer or builder's warranty of the subject property, both parties agree:

♦ That the Inspection Report will be for the Client's sole information

and benefit, and that no one else may rely on it.

♦ That you agree and we do not intend for anyone but you to benefit,

directly or indirectly, from this Agreement, the Inspection or the

Inspection Report. 


Visual Only - We cannot examine what cannot be seen.  We do not remove floor, wall or ceiling coverings, move furniture or debris, open walls or perform any type of destructive testing of systems or exposed surfaces nor do we dismantle equipment.  We do not inspect, comment on and/or test underground or concealed pipes or underground or concealed electrical lines or circuits or underground storage tanks.  Because this inspection is visual and non-invasive, concealed items or components may remain undetected during the inspection.  Client agrees to assume all risk for system or component conditions that are concealed from view, inaccessible to us at the time of the inspection, unsafe and/or substantially deficient at the time of the inspection. Because this is a visual and non-invasive inspection of accessible areas only, any area not readily accessible or visible because of, butnot limited to, soil or vegetation, walls, floors, carpets, ceilings, furnishings, debris or personal belongings, water, ice or snow  or any conditions that would endanger the inspector or potentially causedamage to the subject property or any of its systems or components


NOTE: We will be happy to return and inspect any area made visible by the client or the homeowner or changing weather conditions.  This additional service may involve an additional fee. 

Limited Scope of Inspection - The following are excluded from this inspection: Sewer lines and/or site waste disposal systems; water softeners; any and all low voltage wiring system and components; lightning arrestors;any timing systems; water purification systems; well systems (other than above ground components); solar heating or cooling systems; swimming pools; spas; fencing; playground or sports equipment; underground sprinkler systems; back flushing equipment; instant water heating devices; pressure tests on central air conditioning systems; furnace heat exchangers; radiant heating systems; appliances and any other personal property and other

items listed as Specific Exclusions in the Agreement.  We do not address conditions relating to animals, pests or rodents.  Cosmetic features are excluded, including without limitation, paint, wall coverings, carpeting,flooring, paneling, lawn and landscaping.  We are not allowed to light pilot lights or activate any major system that is shut down at the time of the inspection. ______ Mold Testing and/or Analysis are specifically excluded from this report.  WE URGE YOU TO GET A SEPARATE MOLD INSPECTION

BY A QUALIFIED MIRCOBIOLOGIST OR LICENSED INDUSTRIAL HYGIENIST IF YOU HAVE ANY CONCERNS ABOUT THIS MATTER. Code Compliance, Manufacturer's Specifications, Valuation, Regulations - We will not investigate nor give any opinion concerning easements, conditions of title, zoning matters, building codes or standards or property measurements and value appraisals.  There are thousands of building codes and manufacturer's specifications and they change frequently and are frequently subject to contradiction and individual interpretation. Because of this we do not give any opinion concerning compliance of the subject property's improvements with any governmental building code requirements.  You should contact the appropriate governmental agencies should you wish such information.roduct defects and Environmental Hazards - Our inspection is neither a chemical analysis nor a search for defective products or environmental hazards.  Materials regularly used in residential construction may contain potentially hazardous substances such as asbestos, lead and formaldehyde.

Other Exclusions


"Thermal Survey".   

♦ Radon Gas Testing

♦ Mold Inspections

♦ Mold Sampling

♦ Mold Testing

♦ Wood Destroying Insect Inspections

♦ Water Analysis 





Price & Payment Terms

Quotations are only valid in writing and during the period that they state. If not stated, the period is 30 days (10 days for 3rd Party Products). DKEC reserves the right to change Products (Incl. 3rd Part Products) at any time but DKEC guarantees you at least equivalent functionality and performance.
Price excludes tax, shipment and insurance. DKEC may adjust the price due to falsified information provided when booking an assessment. Any increases in price will be notified immediately to you through invoice. Payment will be made before supply or service or, if agreed, within 30 days of the invoice date. DKEC may suspend deliveries or service until full payment. If payment is late 2% above the minimum lending rate on the late amount and the costs of recovery shall be paid by you. Cheques may only be accepted conditionally.

Cancellation Policy
DKEC reserves the right to cancel assessments and rearrange at a later date. We also reserve the right to alter, modify or cancel an assessment due to bad weather, unsafe conditions or if the comfort and security of clients is put at risk in any way.

In both the above cases an alternative date or a full refund will be offered.

DKEC can change the prices, dates and schedules of any assessment without notice.

A strict cancellation policy will be applicable to reimburse for costs and lost revenue. We will refund the full amount paid less 10% Administration Fee provided the cancellation is made before the specified cancellation period. With regards to cancellations made within the cancellation period, the user will be refunded the initial billed rate less any cancellation and administrative charges outlined below:

 Cancellation periodCancellation fee.
 24 hours or less
No refund
 3 days or less25%
 4-7 days or less10%


All cancellations must be advised in writing and occur before time of assessment to be considered eligible for refund. Refunds will not be granted for any assessment not carried out due to difficulties entering client property or unsafe working conditions.

The Title to the Advisory Report supplied by DKEC passes on full payment. Should you sell a property to which an Advisory Report relates before title passes, you will become an agent of DKEC and the proceeds of that sale shall be held on our behalf, separately from your general funds. DKEC may sue for the Price before title passes. If you refuse delivery without DKEC agreement, you must pay DKEC expenses or loss resulting from that refusal, including storage costs, until you accept delivery of the Advisory Report or service.

Collecting of BER Data

It is the clients responsibility to ensure access to properties that are being assessed. In addition all areas should have free access. In addition all area should have adequate light, DKEC cannot be responsible to inaccurracies as a result of no lighting in a room or rooms. DKEC cannot be held responsible for misinformation by a client. It is the client's responsibility to provide accurate information. Attic space should be free from obstruction for inspection of insulation. By undertaking a BER survey with DKEC you have agreed to these conditions.  

Data Protection
Your data will be held and/or transferred in strict accordance with the applicable data protection laws and DKEC data protection registration and you consent to this. You may instruct DKEC not to use your data for direct marketing purposes.

Consumer Rights
Any statutory Consumer rights are unaffected by this Agreement.


Irish law and the exclusive court jurisdiction of the Irish courts will apply to this Agreement

If any part of the Agreement is found to be invalid or unenforceable by a court, the rest is unaffected. National Energy Assessors may subcontract its obligations to a competent third party. Otherwise, neither party may assign or transfer any obligations or rights. All notices must be in writing (by hand, email, fax or post deemed delivered 48 hours after posting) and send to a legal officer of either party

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