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BER Survey Info for Homeowners in Cork City, East and County


Legal Information

In relation to the BER Cert it is now illegal not to have one if you are selling or renting. There is a fine of up to €5,000 for non-compliance. So it pays to get one and it lasts for 10 yrs which is good value.

What does a survey consist of? 

Once a BER Survey has been commissioned by you the following survey will take place,

A BER survey will be carried out by one of our approved assessors.

The BER Assessor will consist of the inspector collating the internal measurements of the property, floor plans and notes of the individual characteristics of the property.

Access to meters, boiler and any heating controls is necessary.

Please advise where they are

If the loft space is accessible and safe the inspector will go into the loft to check the insulation.

Windows or doors to the external areas of the building might be opened to assess the thickness of the walls.

Photographs of some appliances and parts of the building will be taken.

The average time for an inspection will be depend the size of the property.

Please note that no furnishing will need to be removed.

If there are pets in the property they will need to be restrained.

If an appointment is missed or access is denied and a return visit is required a fee will be levied.


Other important info? 


Be aware of cheap prices they may not be professional and may be inexperienced. 

The BER Survey is a complex and comprehensive survey.

Properties with basements, extensions, porches and conservatories are more expensive as there is more work in calculating Floor heat loss quantities, different wall U Values and also heat losses in roof areas. This process is time consuming and be aware of cheaper prices, they may not take improvements in wall, floor and roof values into account.


Thus, you may get a worse BER Rating than you deserve by trying to save a very small sum!


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